The waiting continues

April 29, 2017

After spending time and arranging things in Bali, it was time for me to go back to Surabaya where the boat will arrive. A 16 hour bus trip at night with almost no sleep, I’m really amazed how locals use this kind of transportation and sleep.

making the best of it in Bali with PJ

For me this past couple of weeks were mentally extremely hard. Every day here I got bad news, personal issues and the waiting for something without information isn’t easy. I tried to get more and more info about the arrival of the boat, with changing results. Always getting new hope to have it torn down by the next email or phone call. I had a hard time being alone and waiting, waiting and waiting. Trying to find new possibilities or ways to get to my goal, without result. I got trapped here in this situation, there was nowhere to go because the boat could be arriving any time. Just waiting, until last week I got the news that the boat arrived the 15th of April at the port. The customs would take 5-7 working days and  then it would be here. So I left to Surabaya by bus immediately and called Koen (the boat constructor who would join rowing for 3 weeks) to come over by then. While writing this, the process is delayed because someone in the process didn’t send the right documents in time. But at least I can say that I can’t blame myself, I’m doing everything I can to get this sorted out, too bad this is not only in my hands. The company arranging things never had a decent communication, despite their experience shipping to Indonesia… (sorry, I’m still quite frustrated while writing this).




I’m very thankful to my Indonesian friends here, especially Peter James and Cak Mancal who hosted me here in Indonesia during this stressful time. Both of them took very good care of me and tried to find solutions. Despite my big frustrations, those people gave me mental and logistical support to make my life here a bit easier. My girlfriend as well helped me out in so many ways just to keep me going. Feeling isolated and stuck in a situation is hard, especially when there is nothing you can really do. Now I’m again waiting for the boat. But now it will be together with Koen and we will reschedule our plans.


The 15th of May he will set out to Belgium again and a couple of days later Malcolm, an Australian veteran, will join me to continue rowing. There is a small chance we will make Papua this time. Regarding the seasons and the big crossings to make we’ll probably make it till Pulau Alor or Pulau Wetar. From there I’ll have to go back to Belgium and return here after a couple of months when the sea is calmer in this area. But first things first and I really have to see this one in small steps at a time. I hope to bring you the good news next week and we could start to row the 7th of May….