Mount Everest

After having reached the top of Europe I continued cycling towards Nepal. Another 10.000km where ahead of me. From the summit of Mt Elbrus everything got much harder. I crossed the Russian steppe into Kazakhstan where I was stuck for a week to wait for a new wheel. The Kazakh steppe was a great ordeal where loneliness struck me, the biggest struggle of this part. Arriving in Kyrgyzstan was a relief with again more water, food and people.

To me, cycling in China was a children’s dream coming true. The winter in Tibet was another major obstacle on this journey that completely wore me out, but arriving in Kathmandu gave me the energy I needed for Mt Everest.

Climbing Mt Everest wasn’t going as planned. In 2014 an avalanche sadly killed 16 Sherpa and all expeditions were cancelled. The next year, spring 2015, an earthquake hit Nepal and I got caught in an avalanche killing 19 people. The video below is some footage from the terrifying moment.

Finally, in 2016, after many years of training, preparation and huge determination I summited Mt Everest on the 13th of May. I became the first one ever to reach and climb 2 of the 7 summits “human powered”.

After this success I got even more determined to finish this huge human powered adventure. Stay tuned on my tracking page to follow my progress.