Going strong

After my recovery time at Savana Cottages I set North-West to Ceram, an island almost 500 km further. Getting there was supposed to … Read More

Pushing the limits

This is a blog post with some delay because of connection issues here, sorry for that but finally here it is…   About … Read More

Mosquito’s paradise

We arrived on a beautiful inhabited island, that seemed like paradise at first. Until the sun was gone and mosquitos started … Read More

Onto Crocodile island

The first couple of days didn’t go as planned after the arrival of Koen and Gerhard. Koen fell ill and Gerhard and me … Read More

Going solo going hard

It’s been a while since I had decent internet access. There is so much I’ve been doing in that time, so many experiences, … Read More

Bye bye

Saying goodbye is always hard, especially now since I don’t know yet when we would see each other again. On the other hand … Read More

Burnt lips sore bum

After a good meal and a night in a soft bed at Sumbawa beach cottages, we prepared the boat to start the next stage of … Read More

A New big adventure

Since the last trip I haven’t been posting so much, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been sitting doing nothing for the last couple … Read More