7 summits of happiness

Voor de warmste week doen we een warme oproep om de Shangrilahome een extra duwtje in de rug te geven! Klik hier of steun meteen op de rekening van de home op volgende gegevens met vermelding “Jelle Roeit”

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7 summits, 7 continents, one dream. A dream that would never feel like one if I forget the road behind me. So I chose and choose to make my adventure human powered. From continent to continent, over seas, oceans and plains. Through jungles, mountains and rivers. Without engines. With respect for local ecosystems and with love for the peoples I meet. While cycling, rowing, climbing or walking, I want to show international solidarity by collecting funds for local non-profits. That is 7 summits of happiness. My dream. Want to know more? Click through to read stories, scroll through photos or find out who makes it possible.