New country, new adventure! 1

After my rest day and fixing the bike in Hat Yai (Thailand), Benjamien and I set off for the next push, going to Malacca. The border crossing with Malaysia went really easy and straightforward. This time no visa stress, just plain and easy.                      […]

Rock and Roll!

After a deserved rest day in Cha-Am we set south more direction Malaysia. We’re far ahead of schedule so we decide to change our plans a little bit. Benjamien will go visit some family and friends at Kho Phang Ngang and I will make a detour to do some climbing. […]

Getting closer! 1

After 4 weeks and a half of cycling we’ve made good progress and had some great experiences! After Mandalay we set out south, straight down. We tried to make some km’s because we weren’t sure if we could cross the border with Thailand. They told us and the internet is full […]

Sickness and health

After crossing into Assam we took some time to use the long roads and make some km’s. Within a couple of days we made a very good progress with days up to 160km.     With the extremely hot weather we still had a hard time hydrating properly but were always […]

And we’re off! 1

Road to Siliguri (India) I had a great time in Nepal, an amazing country with so many amazing people. It is now the 3rd year I’m here and still can’t get enough of it. I had so much help and support from my friends Jo Logghe, Tenzing David Sherpa, Dawa […]

First week Nepal! 1

It’s been a week now since I arrived in Nepal. When leaving Belgium I had a minor throat infection but became worse the first days here in Kathmandu. I think the pollution and the stress falling away from the past couple of weeks has something to do with that…. The first week now […]

Almost gone again 4

The past couple of months have been a rush. After getting home from Everest my life got into a speedy rollercoaster. I immediately started training to continue my project and I feel I’m getting more and more ready. The 3rd of October (less than a week!) I’ll be flying to […]

Next steps… 1

After coming back to Belgium my days were filled seeing friends and taking some interviews. A great but very busy period while getting back to work since my colleagues left for a deserved Holliday.                 Since I’m back I haven’t been resting but […]

Everest summit!!!! 2

Tuesday the 10th of May we set off for a high acclimatisation and maybe a summit push if the weather would allow it. Tahar (Tunisian), Jules (UK) and Isaiah (US) are part of the summit group. Everything goes well and after some hours climbing we reach camp 2 (6500m). We want […]

Climbing to camp 3

After some days relaxing at base camp I was ready to go up again. The plan was to head up to camp 2, take a rest day and head up to camp 3 at 7200m. From there I would try to get as high as possible towards camp 4 (8000m). […]