The journey of Jelle

Legs pedalling just like a steam train with the rhythm of a heart that makes so many landscapes pass . A body painted by nature itself. In his eyes a wealth of glances, glances of extras, hosts and colleagues. A broad smile on his face, no matter the weather, on a steel horse, his belongings behind him and the horizon in the back of his head : Jelle Veyt .

As the youngest of four brothers , he learned to ride a bike at the age of four – frustrated watching his brothers he started developing his forces against the big brothers. Since then he has been called a talent in just about everything he starts: from track’n’field to Kung Fu in his childhood , in-line skating in his youth , BMX as a teenager, boxing as an adolescent and eventually mountain bike and capoeira . Throughout all these different worlds , he invariably showed his peers passion , perseverance and above all the love for work and training. He masters everything in no time and he always amazes the older , more experienced athletes , whether this brothers , the masters of the Tatami , cool BMX riders on the streets , experienced mountain bikers or Brazilians born as capoeirista .


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Jelle Veyt

A human powered adventure